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Kaulback Production Services is a full service commercial production team that also represents a select group of photographers in Vancouver, Canada. Learn more below about how we can help with your next shoot!


We offer hands-on quoting and photography production services to secure the professional shoots you want with the best team to get the job done!


Lisa Kaulback is a passionate educator that loves bringing fresh talent into the industry! Check out our current line up of photography production courses with VanArts and Langara College.


Kaulback Production Services goal is to align our perfect clients with more perfect work. Keeping a select roster of amazing photographers offers not only superb photographic skill levels, but guarantees a high level of service for each and every job. We truly believe in teamwork, honesty and open communication with every client and building relationships that are based on trust.


And knowing when to walk away

Welcome to the first step of winning commercial and advertising photography jobs; it all starts with a winning estimate. In Building Winning Bids Commercial Producer and Educator Lisa Kaulback compiles over a decade worth of experience working with photographers and advertising agencies to bring you the insight you need to land your next job while keeping more money in your pocket.

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Building Winning Bids



You are an emerging or established Professional Photographer that is either:

  • just getting started and looking for guidance;
  • wanting to step up your game and take your projects to the next level; or,
  • just too busy working on your art to want to worry about the details.

Are you looking to land bigger jobs? Have you started getting calls for bigger jobs, but don’t quite know where to start? Let’s talk about how we can get you started on the right foot.


Kaulback Production Services offers tangible, honest, straight forward solutions for everything from the first quote, to getting you the right team for a full production, for commercial and creative photography.

  • Looking to get started or just fill in some of the blanks? Check out our range of courses and eBooks.
  • Need help building that perfect quote to land the shoot you’ve always wanted? We’ll help you get there with our Quoting Services.
  • Need a little more hands on help putting together all of the details, staying on budget, or keeping your studio running smoothly? We do that too!

Have a production and need our help?

Kaulback Production Services offers tangible, honest, straight forward solutions for the quoting and production of commercial and creative photography. As a Photographer, your imagery is breathtaking and your vision and drive is comparable to none! Let us help you with the details, while you focus on your art. To get you started we offer:

  • Courses that cover the ins and outs of commercial production
  • Self paced eBooks to help you get started on the right foot
  • Custom quoting services, production services, and business consulting to keep you focused and profitable

Quoting Services

The hardest part of securing the shoots you want is putting together numbers that are competitive, realistic, and most of all leave you with money in your pocket at the end of the day. Take advantage of Lisa’s 14 years of industry expertise to present competitive quotes that will get you noticed by your clients, and help you win the work you want. Best of all… only pay us if you get the job!

Our goal is to get you more work, so we only want to get paid if you are working. The fee for our quoting services is 10% of the overall margin of your production budget (minimum $250.00), and is only billable when you get the job.

Contact us now for more details.

Pre-Production and Production Services

You have the job you’ve always wanted, but need a little help putting all of the pieces together. Get in touch with us to see how we can help with everything from putting together the initial pieces, to making sure you have the best team to execute your vision on set. Production Services include:

  • Locations
  • Casting
  • Stylists
  • On Set Crew
  • Craft Services
  • and more…

Consulting Services

Are there other pieces of the puzzle that just don’t seem to fit? We can help with that too. Kaulback Production Services offers custom consulting packages to help with studio management, business systems and processes, and more. Get in touch to learn more.


VanArts Digital Photography program utilizes Lisa’s production and business experience in their 3rd term as a part of their “Advanced Lighting & Production” course. During these lectures, Lisa explains the process of quoting and the areas of consideration for producing complicated photo shoots. Each student will get one on one consulting time with Lisa to help fine tune their personal productions.

Please visit VanArts for more information on their full program.

Langara College

Join Lisa for Langara College’s “Production for Photography”, being offered through their Continuing Studies Photography Program. This 12 week program covers the process of quoting on a range of jobs, figuring out your production elements, and hands on experience tackling all the moving pieces. At the end of this course you will have at least one self produced piece for your portfolio and practical experience with the skills required to tackle the larger shoots you dream of. Bonus material includes multiple industry guests and 12 weeks of Lisa’s witty banter.

Visit Langara College to register, and for information on session dates.


Lisa Kaulback is a mother, producer, educator, and entrepreneur that is structured, highly organized, and unparalleled at multi-tasking. She has a bizarre passion for budgets and sticking to them, and an amazing ability to stay calm under pressure. We’re not sure, but it might be a sickness.

As a graduate of Langara College’s Professional Photo-Imaging Program, Lisa has found expression for her obsessive attention to detail in the world of production, a role that involves helping photographers quote accurately, and manage even the most minuscule details of commercial photography shoots.

Her diverse portfolio on large scale stock shoots and award winning advertising campaigns dates back to 2002 and has taken her to Australia, on an Alaskan cruise, to the mountains and the desert, and into the strange world of taxidermy. Both in the classroom and with her previous venture as the co-founder of HiRes Pro Training, she is credited with high standards, demanding assignments, wit, and compelling anecdotes.


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